Hi, we're Braids by Faith. Ready for a new unique look.

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Braids by Faith recognizes hair care needs and client services are unique.

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Hi, Im Faith.

Braids by Faith Coiffure is a natural hair care salon that first specializing in taking care of your hair in the best way we can. We serve women, children, and men in the DMV area specifically located in the beautiful Columbia Howard County MD.

Hello, my name is Fatoumata Koffi (but please call me Fatou or Faith) I am the owner of Braids by Faith I have a strong passion for hair and love to continue to learn new things about it. I attended Hair academy where received my cosmetology license in April 2017. Know I’m about to start trichology school to learn about scalp condition so I can better help you grow your hair and keep it healthy. I have been a hair stylist since 1997 in Africa and have been doing many kinds of hair braiding many kinds of twists and professional looking weaves for 16 years and love what I do. I’m a bless very blessed with wonderful customers but still have for you so I look forward to having You being part of my clientele

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We love what we do. We're up to the task.

We are committed to supporting you throughout your natural hair care journey.

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Our Services

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Braids. Twists. Crochet.
Feeding. Dreadlocks.
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We create a customized new look for you.

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Natural Hair. Weaves.

We work with passion.

Our specialists are waiting to give you the treatments and service that you deserve.


Let's make you your best self.

Our Location

2970 Belcrest Center Dr. Ste. #14 Hyattsville, MD 20782
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Open Mon-Sat 8a-6p
Open Sun 10a-4p